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Technology of Reproduction - Panels

Sidtor Industries Inc’s Products & Services in Montreal

Sidtor Industries Inc proudly manufactures aluminum and stainless steel nameplates, control panels, instruction plates, decals, labels and escutcheons for all your needs.

Depending on your specific nameplate needs, we can make expert recommendations as to which materials may suit your purposes better. While not all materials are created equal, the superior quality of our products is universal across the board.

In addition to our selection of manufactured products in large and small quantities, we proudly offer the following services for our valued clientele:

Metal product
  • Embossing

  • Mechanical Engraving

  • Forming

  • Metalphoto

  • Pressure-Sensitive

  • Punching

  • Screen Printing

  • Serializing

  • Acid/Chemical Etching

Need New Nameplates?

Need New Nameplates?

We can help!

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